The Children’s Book The Fat Cat Otto was released on November 13th, 2017.

The Fat Cat Otto – The Last Drop is a little story about greed and revenge.
Otto, the fat cat, lives a good life until a greedy bunch of hedgehogs start stealing his food. Otto begins to lose weight, and heart, as his life seems to descend into misery.
The story takes an unexpected turn as Otto takes fate into his own paws, taking things just a bit too far in the process.

The Fat Cat Otto – The Last Drop is a children’s storybook that uses humour and fun black and white illustrations to entertain both children and adults. The book serves as a tool for discussing greed, revenge and good and bad behaviour in a child-friendly way.



E-book or PDF File: DKK 89
(Available in Danish, English, Dutch and Finnish, through our website)

Hard copy: DKK 159
(Available only in Danish, through our website,, or in book shops across Denmark) .

If you would like the book in hardcover in English, send us an e-mail (mail If we get many requests, we will make sure it is printed next year.

For every copy sold, an amount of DKK 2 will be donated to Pindsvinevennerne i Danmark (The Danish Hedgehog Preservation Society).