My Music Wheel


My Music Wheel is an interactive educational game about the fundamentals of music. The aim of the project is to develop a product that will provide children with a basic understanding of notes, bars, rhythm and instruments.

The project includes

  • A collection of materials that will provide children with an understanding of the music fundamentals needed when learning to play an instrument.
  • Variety and humour to keep children entertained and motivated
  • User-friendly games combining learning and sound

My Music Wheel is a story-based learning experience centred on the character Ozzy the Owl. Divided into seven chapters, your child follows Ozzy through a series of adventures. Within each new adventure, Ozzy makes a new friend that seeks to teach him (and your child) something new about the fundamentals of music.

Each adventure ends with an interactive game that allows your child to explore and put to use the newly acquired knowledge and skills.

By the end of Ozzy’s journey, your child will have a new-found understanding of notes, rhythm bars and piano keys and will be ready to start playing an instrument!

My Music Wheel is suitable for both private and public educational use.